November 2017

The Ouyang lab is part of the team of researchers receiving funding from the Center for Integrative Neuroscience, funded by a NIH Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) Award, led by Dr. Michael Webster. The center was awarded $10.6 million for five years to support Phase II.

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ALAN in the news

Feb 2018

Jenny and Davide Dominoni recently co-organized a symposium at SICB in San Francisco, CA on behavioral and physiological adaptations to urban environments. With a great line-up of speakers, this symposium was featured in Science and Science News. We also recently published a review in JEB about artificial light and hormonal mechanisms.  

New paper published

November 2017

Our first lab paper from UNR has been published in Biology Letters. Listen to the interview with Jenny about it here on KUNR/NPR. We find that urban house wrens do not raise their glucocorticoid levels when hearing traffic noise but rural house wrens do. 

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NSF grant awarded

October 2017

The Ouyang lab was just awarded an NSF grant to look at the epigenetic mechanisms underlying the stress response. Dr. Ouyang will be collaborating with Dr. Bridgett von Holdt at Princeton University. 


May 2017

Congratulations to Nicole Haddad and Evan Standifer, our undergraduate seniors. Evan got a job for US Fish and Wildlife. Nicole was awarded the honors undergraduate research award. Crystal Munguia also recently received the Nevada Undergraduate Research Award. 

Conference ISBE

August 2016

Jenny just attended the 2016 ISBE meeting in Exeter. She presented on some new data from the light on nature project. Tali Hammond did a great summary drawing of Jenny's talk. 

New papers out

May 2016

It's been a busy 2016. A review about GC action and evolutionary outcomes has come out in Advances in Behavior. In the world of tree swallows, two articles led by Dr Dakin explored begging behavior and plumage coloration, and a third about oxidative stress and GCs as part of the symposium Hormones as Mediators of Evolutionary Phenomena. For light on nature, artificial light at night in the lab and in the field make headlines. 

Moved to UNR

January 2016

Jenny moved to University of Nevada, Reno to start a job as an assistant professor. She's looking for people to join her lab in stress physiology and urban ecology.

Grant awarded

July 2014

 Dr. Ádám Lendvai and a team of international researchers have been awarded a grant from the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund to study the bearded reedling. More details will follow after a group meeting this fall.

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