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Ouyang curriculum vitae

Download PDF of CV here




Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (Princeton University)

Adviser: Michaela Hau

Title: What makes an individual successful? Individual variation in hormones, behavior, and fitness



M.A. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (Princeton University)

GPA: 4.0



B.S. in Biology (University of California, Irvine)

Thesis advisers: Nancy Burley and George L. Hunt, Jr.

(Honors in Major, GPA: 3.93, Magna Cum Laude)


B.A. in French (University of California, Irvine)

(Honors in Major, GPA: 3.93, Magna Cum Laude)



Coursework at Shoals Marine Laboratory (Cornell University)


Mandarin Chinese (fluent)

English (fluent)

French (fluent)

German (conversational)

Dutch (conversational)

Adobe photoshop & illustrator


Database: Microsoft Access

Statistical programs: STATA, R, SPSS

Research positions



Associate Professor

University of Nevada, Reno



National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow

Netherlands Institute of Ecology (Funding: NSF DBI-1306025)

Collaborators: Kamiel Spoelstra and Marcel Visser



Postdoctoral Associate, Virginia Tech (Funding: NSF IOS-1145625)

Collaborators: Frances Bonier, Mark Haussmann, and Ignacio Moore

Research Grants and Fellowships

2017-2019             $160,430              NSF OIA-1738594 Mechanisms underlying transgenerational inheritance      

                                                               of the stress phenotype

2017-2019             $420,000              NIH P20 GM103650 Neurosensory function in response to light pollution

2014                       €150,000              Hungarian Scientific Research Fund OTKA

2013                       $151,416              National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biology 

2007-2012               $90,000               National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship                                         

2011                           $1,200               Frank M. Chapman Memorial Grant

2011                           $1,000               Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Grant-in-Aid of Research

2009                           $2,000               Princeton University Summer Research Grant

2008                           $1,000               Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid of Research

2007                         $68,000               Princeton First Year Graduate Fellowship

2003-2007               $36,000               Universities of California, Regent’s Scholar

2006                         $14,000               Barry M. Goldwater Fellowship

2003-2007                 $2,000               Robert C. Byrd Scholarship



2013                       Broadening Participation Grant, Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology ($500)

2011                       National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship travel grant ($1,000)

2011                       Society for Experimental Biology Travel Grant ($244)

2011                       Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology Travel Award ($500)

2008                       International Society for Behavioral Ecology Travel Award ($500)

2007                       Joseph H. Stephens Grant for Excellence in Research ($700)

2006                       University of California summer research grant for undergraduates ($1,500)

2005                       Universities of California Leadership Excellence through Advanced Degrees ($5,000)



Research grants and awards



Invited Seminars:

2014   Australia National University, Canberra, Australia

2013   Bucknell University, Lewisburg, VA, USA

2013   Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA

2012   Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands
2011   Netherlands Institute of Ecology, Wageningen, the Netherlands

Selected Meeting Presentations:

Ouyang, J.Q., Light pollution affects behavior and physiology. International Society of Behavioral Ecology. Exeter, UK.

Ouyang, J.Q., Endocrine variation as a mediator of life-history evolution: the relationship between hormones and fitness in a fluctuating environment. Invited Symposium Speaker. Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology, Portland, OR, USA.


Ouyang, J.Q., Hormonal regulation of divorce. Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology, Palm Beach, FL, USA


Ouyang, J.Q., de Jong, M., Scheltinga, S., Visser, M.E., & Spoelstra, K. Movement and activity of free living Great Tits, Parus major, under different spectra of artificial light. International Conference on Artificial Light at Night, Leicister, UK.

Ouyang, J.Q., Lendvai, A.Z., Dakin, R., Domalik, A.D., Fasanello, V.J., Vassallo, B.G., Haussmann, M.F., Moore, I.T., & Bonier, F. Weathering the storm: parental effort and stress hormones predict brood survival. Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology, TX, USA


Ouyang, J.Q., Individual differences in behavior, physiology, and fitness. International Conference on Individual Differences. Groningen, the Netherlands.

Ouyang, J.Q., Hau, M. Stressed males abandon reproduction. Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology. San Francisco, USA


Ouyang, J.Q., Sharp, P., Quetting, M., Hau, M. Hormones as mediators of life-history trade-offs. International Society of Avian Endocrinology.  Gifu, Japan


Ouyang, J.Q., Muturi, M., Quetting, M., Hau, M. 2011. Effects of corticosterone on reproductive decisions and parental behavior. Society of Experimental Biology. Glasgow, UK

Ouyang, J. Q., Sharp, P. J., Dawson, A., Quetting, M., Hau, M., Hormone levels predict individual differences in reproductive success. Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology. Salt Lake City, USA


Ouyang, J.Q., Burley, N.T., Sex recognition of young by adult zebra fiches. Animal Behavior Society. Burlington, USA


Ouyang, J.Q., Hunt, G.L. Diets of adult and chick western gulls on Santa Barbara Island. Southern California Research Conference. Riverside, US


Courses taught:

Instructor, fall 2016, University of Nevada, Reno (BIO 316, Comparative Animal Physiology)

Assistant Instructor, 2010, Princeton University (EEB 327, Evolution of the Immune System)

Assistant Instructor, 2008, Princeton University (EEB 211 Introductory Biology Lab)

As an assistant instructor at Princeton, I gave lectures and oversaw student projects.  I designed and coordinated the discussion sessions and guided final student papers, including instruction on statistical analysis.


Teaching Assistant, 2005, UC Irvine (E106 Evolutionary Processes)

As a teaching assistant at UC Irvine, I led discussion sessions and tutored students.


Invited guest lectures:

Fall 2013                               Virginia Tech (Animal Physiology) – eight weeks

Spring 2012                         Princeton University (Comparative Physiology) – two lectures



Completed “Teaching Transcript” Pedagogy Program, McGraw Center, Princeton University (2007-2012) Attended teaching orientation & pedagogy programs, served as teaching assistant & received feedback, developed teaching statement & course syllabus


Teaching awards:

2008                                      Teaching Service Award (K-12 education), Princeton University

2007                                      Language Teaching Award, UC Irvine


Outreach teaching:


As part of Princeton’s Community House Program, I gave guest lectures to high school students on animal behavior and physiology.


2016-present            Nicole Haddad. Comparing noise-induced stress in rural and urban songbirds.                                                         Undergraduate Honor’s Thesis, University of Nevada, Reno

2015-present            Annemieke Kolvoort. Insect abundance under artificial light at night. Master’s thesis,                                             Utrecht University

2014-present            Sofia Scheltinga. Spatial movement of great tits under artificial light

Master’s thesis, Utrecht University

2013-2014                 Alice Domalik. Individual differences in the neophobic response and corticosterone.

Undergraduate honors thesis, Queen's University

2011-2012                 Marion Muturi. Behavioral correlates of hormone manipulation

Undergraduate thesis, University of Konstanz

2006-2007                 Clairose Retino. Begging calls and sex allocation.

Undergraduate thesis, University of California, Irvine

Professional services & memberships

Education and mentorship:

2011-present      Video Tutor (development of biology teaching videos for high school biology and providing                                   these videos to schools with no access to biology text books), Biology Team

2008-present      Content editor and web design: Animal Behavior Society, Education Committee

                              Content contributor and editor: Animal Behavior Society social media pages

2008-2012           Graduate Student Mentorship Program, founder and board member, Princeton University

2009-2011           Community House graduate adviser, Princeton University

2007-2009           Graduate Student Representative for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University


Review activities:

Journals: Animal Biology, Behavioral Ecology, Behavioral Processes, Biology Letters, Conservation Physiology, Current Zoology, Emu, Evolution, General and Comparative Endocrinology, Hormones and Behavior, Functional Ecology, Journal of Avian Biology, Journal of Applied Ecology, Journal of Experimental Biology, Nature Scientific Reports, Oecologia, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Rangeland Ecology & Management


Grant agencies: National Science Centre, Poland; National Science Foundation, USA


Animal Behavior Society (2006-present)
Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology (2010-present)
Society of Experimental Biology (2010-2012)
Sigma Xi (2008-2011)


Mathematical modeling of life-history decisions

Matthew Aardema (Princeton University, USA)

Allison Shaw (University of Minnesota, USA)

Neophobia and life-history evolution

Suzanne Austin (University of Missouri at St. Louis, USA)

Sergio Cordoba (University of Bogotá, Colombia)

The role of glucocorticoids in mediating life history tradeoffs (NSF IOS-1145625)

Frances Bonier (Queen’s University, Canada)

Roslyn Dakin (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Mark Haussmann (Bucknell University, USA)

Ádám Lendvai (Virginia Tech, USA)

Ignacio Moore (Virginia Tech, USA)

Parental care and differential allocation

Nancy Burley (University of California, USA)

Individual variation in hormones, behavior, and fitness

Michaela Hau (Max Planck Institute of Ornithology, Germany)

Peter Sharp (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Insulin regulation and life-history evolution

Zoltán Barta (University of Debrecen, Hungary)

Tökölyi Jácint (University of Debrecen, Hungary)

Ádám Lendvai (University of Debrecen, Hungary)

The effect of artificial light on ecology and stress physiology

Kamiel Spoelstra (Netherlands Institute of Ecology, Netherlands)

Marcel Visser (Netherlands Institute of Ecology, Netherlands)

Safer cities: stress physiology and reproduction

Yue Hua Sun (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

Shu Ping Zhang (Mingzu University, China)

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